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We know you.


You have an adventurous spirit, an unbridled energy with a thirst for the unconventional.  We’re talking about the You without deadlines and emails and demands.  The You that stands in awe of a Mediterranean sunset and finds enlightenment in a trail of untouched Rocky Mountain snow.  The You who is silenced by the unmistakable vibration a golf ball struck with precision.   

We found our Alternate Latitude on an eco-friendly catamaran in the Caribbean and we are charting an extraordinary course for our lives.  Literally sailing off into the sunset.

The you who has found your Alternate Latitude.

Wherever yours is, your Alternate Latitude embodies the freedom, the wildness, and the wisdom that is You.  It is a place of endless exploration.  It is where you find your best Self.  It is where you tap into life and drink it up.  
Living it. Embracing it.  Sharing it.

And we hope you will share it with us.  Our Alternate Latitude line of gear helps tell the world what vitalizes you and inspires others to reconnect with their fiercely authentic, unmistakably singular way of being. 


Find your passion.  Find your freedom.  
Find your Alternate Latitude.