St. Thomas

A great jumping off point to the US Virgin Islands, St. Thomas is known for its fun activities and duty-free shopping in Charlotte Amalie.


You don’t have to worry if you “forgot something” – St Thomas has everything from trail mix to rib eye steaks, and bikinis to gold watches.  A U.S.-style supermarket, the Pueblo Market is reasonably priced and only a ten minute walk from Frenchtown, where we will be docked.  Getting back to the boat with your supplies is easily done by taxi.

Though some of the brands might not be familiar to those stateside, you’ll find, as Mick Jagger says, “you get what you need…”

Water Island, the “4th Virgin”, is in our neighborhood and has a pleasant anchorage at Honeymoon Bay.  There’s a quiet swimming beach and little commercial traffic on the small paved roads.  Perfect for those with an active lifestyle looking to walk, jog or run.

Hassel Island, part of the Virgin Islands National Park system, is home to numerous historical sites and preservation efforts made possible by the National Park Service, the St. Thomas Historical Trust, and dedicated community members.