The Abacos

Known as the “top of the Bahamas,” the Abacos comprise of the northernmost portion of the Bahamas. This boomerang - shaped mini-archipelago is 130 miles long and consists of Great Abaco and Little Abaco, as well as a dose of many other cays.

The Abacos are known for its Sailing, Diving, Fishing and Surfing Elbow Cay, The Abacos are definitely a world apart from the crowds of Nassau and Freeport.



Great Guana Cay

The Longest of the Abaco cays, Great Guana, on the Abaco's east side, stretches 6.75 miles from tip to tip and lies between Green Turtle and Mano O War cays. The long beach that stretches the island is one of Bahamas finest. The reef fishing is superb here, and bonefish are plentiful in the shallow bays.

The settlement stretches along the beach at the head of the palm-fringed Kiss’s Cove, named after the famous pirate. Ruins of an old sisal mill near the western end of the island make for an interesting detour.

Elbow cay