Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda is so called for the bulging mountain atop this British Virgin Island.  Surrounding the Island is a beauriful spot known as The Baths.  These natural saltwater baths are encased in a cluster of granite rocks that are strewn across the beach, giving you the sense of complete isolation from the outside world.


We can help you access The Baths from our dinghy or if you prefer, you may snorkel in from the boat.  It’s a gorgeous swim to shore and the boulders are a great site to spot plenty of fish and rays.

Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor is a lovely facility with shops and casual dining in the marina.  Tasty dinners can also be found just up the street at Chez Bamboo.

North Sound is a definite stop.  Eat and drink at the Bitter End, Saba Rock, or the low key Fat Virgins at Biras Creek.  Explore the area by dinghy and visit the Sand Box on Prickly Pear.  Top off your provisions, water, or dinghy fuel at the Bitter End or Saba Rock Dock.  There is great anchoring and snorkeling in Eustachia sound on the north east side as well.